TreeAge Pro 2017, R2

TreeAge Pro 2017, Release 2.1 created 2017-09-10.
Requires license active through July 1, 2017.

Windows 64-bit


Size about 327 MB includes Java.

Windows 32-bit


Size about 321 MB includes Java.

Mac 64-bit


Size about 308 MB.
Some versions of Mac OSX may require installation of Java 1.6 for the installer and/or the software to run. Apple may present an error message asking for legacy Java 1.6. If you click “More info”, you should be presented with the required Java 1.6 installer. If you run into any problems installing TreeAge Pro, please contact us for support.

Linux 32-bit


Size about 198 MB. Separate 32-bit Java 8 installation required.
Limited support available.

Linux 64-bit


Size about 198 MB. Separate 64-bit Java 8 installation required.
No support available. Linux operating systems are not standardized or consistent.

TreeAge Pro 2017, R2 PDF Manual


Help files in PDF format.

Right-click on link to download and save to your computer.