TreeAge Pro Licensing

Single-User Licenses

-All Software Sales are Final.

All licenses are single-user licenses. Every person requires his/her own license to access TreeAge Pro software.  The following would be considered out of compliance, and illegal access of TreeAge Software:  Placing the software on any device that is (or can be) shared with other people (shared PC’s / laptops for example) or transferring a single user licenses to any other individual.   Installing a single user license on a server is also illegal.

Single-user licenses must be registered under the name of the sole individual who will use the license. Any use by individuals other than the registered user is prohibited, including sharing the same computer and any temporary transfer or use.

TreeAge Pro can only be installed and authorized on the standalone computer of the registered user. Installation on other computers, servers, shared machines or virtual machines is strictly prohibited.  Single user licenses cannot be installed in classrooms, labs or library settings.

Shared usage will result in a nonrefundable forfeiture of the license plus fees equal to the cost of a network license based on your organization type.   Depending on the severity of the violation, and / or length of violation, further legal action will be taken.

If there are multiple individuals within a group that require access to TreeAge Pro, contact to discuss options.

By purchasing a TreeAge Pro license, you fully agree to the above requirements, penalties and the full License Agreement.  Intellectual property created with a non-compliant license is not valid.

Annual vs. Standard Licenses

The Annual License has the following features:

  • It expires one year after purchase date
  • Renewal cost is the then current price for an Annual License.
  • It includes Product Updates, Technical / Software Support and BETA features while the License is active.

The Standard License (Perpetual) has the following features:

  • It does not expire.
  • Includes a one year Maintenance Agreement that starts from the date of purchase, which can be renewed at a fraction of the license price.
  • Includes Product Updates, Technical Support and BETA features while the Maintenance Agreement is active.

Maintenance for Standard Licenses

Active Maintenance entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Software Support – get help with modeling and analysis techniques.
  • Technical Support – get help with software installation and license authorization.
  • Product Updates – access the latest version of your software as soon as it is released for no additional cost.
  • Access to certain beta features which require active Maintenance, including Time-to-Event Simulation (DES), State Transition Diagrams, Player Models, and Distributed Simulation.

Your Maintenance Agreement is like a support contract. As long as your agreement is active, you can request Technical Support as stated above.

For example, if your Maintenance Agreement has expired, and you have a hardware failure that results in the loss of TreeAge Pro, TreeAge Support will not be able to assist with the re-creation of your license until the Maintenance Agreement has been renewed.

Maintenance is a continuous program and renewing your Maintenance will extend the expiration date by one year from the formal expiry date. Therefore, if your Maintenance agreement expired 1.5 years ago, you need to purchase at least 2 years of Maintenance to make your agreement active. There is no cost benefit to delaying renewal.   TreeAge Support cannot be provided unless Maintenance is current, and only the latest version of TreeAge will be supported.

You can purchase a new license, renew an existing annual license or renew maintenance on a standard license via clicking HERE.

All Software sales are final upon receipt of the order.

Purchases less than $1,000 USD are required to be paid via credit card.